Traditional style, walnut finish. Model production years 1965-69. Weight is 410 lbs. including bench and pedals. Manuals Swell and Great, 61 playing keys each, 25 note detachable pedal board. Controls One set of draw bars for each manual, 27 control tablets, 5 percussion voices, brush effect and cymbal, harp sustain and vibrato celeste. Features 79 tone wheel generator, photocell Expression ped...
Pristine excellent sound digital piano with weighted keysHas speakers or you can plug it into a speaker system575 six four nine 7310
Peterson VSII virtual strobe tuner. Much more accurate than regular digital tuners.Heavy duty rubber case protects from vibration or accidental bumps. Very good condition.
Boss Dr Beat metronome. Helps you stay on track. Choose betw beep or flashing light.Very good condition, not used much, works fine.These range from $60 to 250 on ebay, asking $30.
Selling my left handed Agile AL2000. Comes with hardtop black case. Solid mahagony body with Maple glued on neck. 24 frets and a floyd rose. Very hard to find a left handed Les Paul varient with a Floyd Rose and 24 frets. Purchased in 2012.
Selling my Agile AL3200MCC. It is left Handed and sounds like a Gibson. About 50 hours of play time on it. I dont really have time to play it anymore. Comes with yellow twill case and blue strap. This is the highest model that Agile makes in the AL series. 5 piece neck thru design and solid mahagony body. Flamed Maple top.
Vintage Gretsch Home Organ serial 2499 - est 1949 in good condition. Complete and in full working order. Suitcase Portable model for easy mobility and for display in the collection.Case holds organ, 4 legs and music lyre. See staining to exterior in image. Organ is waaaay cool. A rare bird from the classic company.Gretsch Home Organ was a great idea of the times. This one looks very good and pl...